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Emergency Medical Alert System

Emergency Medical Alert System

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Description: By wearing a small, medical alert pendant around the neck, a person can have instant access (from any room of the house) to the button that will summon the paramedics. Simply press and the pendant uses radio frequencies to tell the base station a problem has arisen. The base dials our monitoring center, staffed by trained professionals every day of the year. The monitoring center then talks directly to you, turning the entire house into a loud speaker phone. The monitoring station can then summon the paramedics, or call your family, per your wishes. A team of medically trained paramedics at the company's monitoring station can assist in first aid information in an emergency. The command module is less than the size of a shoe box, and can go anywhere in the house. In the event of an emergency, the mobile pendant button can be pressed or the large red button on the face of the command station. This activates the alarm, which will summon the paramedics or whomever you desire. Once the command module is plugged into a power outlet and a phone jack, it is operational. Pressing the button establishes a two-way voice conversation between you and the central station, just like a big speaker phone. The trained central station operator will be able to listen and talk to you inside your home

Additional Product Information

Date Updated: 1/15/2010
Care Issue(s): Assistance Call
Product Type(s): Telephone Based Call Systems


Available from:

Pioneer Emergency Response
991 Lomas Santa Fe Dr.
Suite C415
Solana Beach, CA 92075-2141
(800) 274.8274

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