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Description: The Stedy is a transfer aid that encourages residents to participate more fully in the transfer.Unlike most of the devices in this category, the Stedy does not "lift" the resident. Instead, with the Stedy in place, the resident brings him/herself to a standing position. The caregiver then positions flip down seat supports that allows the resident to relax and sit during the transfer to the toilet. When at the toilet, the resident is encouraged to stand, supported by the Stedy, while the caregiver assists with the adjustment of clothing. The resident then lowers him/herself onto the toilet. When ready to do so, the resident is encouraged to stand, be assisted to dress where necessary, and transferred back to the chair or bed. “This website’s content may not be comprehensive or updated. All information is provided in good faith by ARJO, Inc., but without warranty of any kind, express or implied, and any use of information or material contained on this website is at the users’ sole risk.”

Additional Product Information

Date Updated: 7/22/2009
Care Issue(s): Lifting and Transferring
Product Type(s): Standing Assist Devices


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ArjoHuntleigh Getinge Group
2349 W. Lake St.
Addison, IL 60101
(800) 323.1245

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