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Key Issues to Consider about Communication and Memory

What are the tradeoffs of communication and memory aids with respect to various aspects of your residents’ quality of life?

Consider how the adoption of communication and memory aids affects resident health, safety, and independence. For instance:

  • Consider how the use of communications and memory aids may have an effect on the functional independence of the individual. Does the design of the product enable the individual to engage in tasks and activities as independently as possible?

  • Consider how the cognitive and physical status of the resident plays a role in the appropriateness of communication and memory aids geared toward increasing functional independence. Although some communication and memory aids provide the potential for greater independence, they also require the individual to have the cognitive and motor abilities to manage and use these devices effectively and safely.

  • Consider how the aesthetics and the perceived appearance of communication and memory aids can affect an individual's dignity and desire to use it. Consider how emotional and physical comfort will affect the individual's desire to use the product.

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