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Key Issues to Consider about Communication and Memory

How do we begin discussions in our facilities about communication and memory technologies?

Consider fully defining the scope of the issue before addressing use of communication and memory. For instance:

  • Consider the overall level of independence of the resident(s); this will dictate the type of communication or memory aid you may consider. Generate discussion with a speech-language pathologist to inquire about the various types of communication and memory aids. There are some communication and memory aides that can be used independently by a resident, and other aids that require some assistance from a caregiver.

  • A speech language pathologist, one who is a licensed healthcare professional trained in all areas of communication and memory, will evaluate the person and recommend the best strategies based on the resident’s skills and abilities.

  • Consider also including the following individuals in discussions when making decisions about communication and memory for residents:
    • physicians
    • nurses
    • audiologists
    • occupational therapists

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